Templo embajadores de jesus


Little Haiti

Run by Pastor Gustavo Banda and Pastora Zaida, Templo Embajadores de Jesus is one of the largest of the 32 albergues in Tijuana. It provides care and shelter for two populations of migrants, one primarily of Centroamericanos, who live in the church building itself, the other of Haitians, in an encampment known as Little Haiti, which also houses African migrants, in an adjacent set of buildings.

Driving up a small hill on a dirt road just 34 minutes from the San Ysidro border, the turn from the main street is easy to miss. In the rainy season, the dirt road becomes a muddy river. Small cars daring to drive through can wind up missing a tire by the end of the short trek. But those who make it to the top will find refuge at a small church called Templo Embajadores de Jesús. Such is the case for thousands of migrants. Whether you are from the north or south side of the U.S.-Mexico border, you are welcomed here with open arms.

Tijuana, Mexico has a long history of being a middle point for migrants seeking asylum in the U.S. Thousands of refugees fleeing violence and poverty in Honduras, El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Guatemala are seeking asylum in the U.S. These individuals have experienced traumas that most of us cannot imagine, due to the violence in their countries of origin, the hardship of the journey to Mexico, and the substandard conditions in which they currently live while waiting for a response. These individuals have found short-term refuge in Mexico, yet they are in great need of support.

Migrants : 800-1200 (~50% Children) As of April, 2021

Pastor Banda discusses his support for African and Haitian migrants in Tijuana.

Video of the construction of the buildings of Little Haiti in 2017. Pastor Banda is continuing to work on improving these buildings, and adding facilities where visitors to the albergue can stay overnight during their visits.